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Indian buyers crazy about imported coal
Source: Today's Coal Rivers and Lakes    Author:    Time: 2024-06-19 10:47    Browse: 3755 times

       As far as we understand,At present, the imported coal price of 5500 cards from the east coast of India to the shore price is on CFR880-885 yuan/ton,15-20 yuan/ton lower than 12bet sports bettingthe domestic coal price level of the same variety。Current high -temperature weather in India continues,The coastal power plant is still inquiring on regular low -calorie import coal,But because domestic coal production remains high,Plus the number of days of power plant inventory can remain more than 16 days,So many Indian buyers have slowed enthusiasm for importing coal procurement,12bet sports bettingThey expect the price to decline,and the gap between the quotation and the price is very large,For example, for Indonesia's 3800 card coal type,The difference between the quotation and the price is 6-7 US dollars/ton。

       It is worth noting that,India has decreased in the water level of many river reservoirs due to high temperature,Then the hydropower is reduced,It may exacerbate dependence on coal power 12bet sports bettinggeneration,and even if India improves domestic coal output,But the demand is still much higher than its domestic supply,Therefore, although the demand for imported coal is weak, it is weak,But the overall will continue to maintain a high level。

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