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From January to April 2024, Indian coal imports increased by 21.1%year-on-year
Source: China Coal Economics Research Association    Author:    Time: 2024-06-17 10:13    Browse: 508 times

        According to the statistics of the product import and export statistics released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Ministry of Commerce and Industry),January-April 2024,Indian coal imports are 86.9708 million tons,increased by 21.1%over the same period last year。Where,In April, Indian coal imports were 22.5817 million tons,increased by 13.0%year -on -year,increased by 2.6%month -on -month。

        In April, the amount of dynamic coal inlet rose to 5 months at a high level

        According to the recent report by the Indian media thehindubusINESSLINE,April 2024,Indian power coal imports increase for the fourth consecutive month,The import volume has set a new high for 5 months,The reason is that thermal power plant (TPP) is expected to rise this summer.,And the heat wave will last longer,Therefore, there are many commodities such as coal。

        According to the data from the energy information agency KPler,In April, India's power coal imports were 16.23 million tons,increased by nearly 11%month -on -month,increased by 10%year -on -year。

        India ’s import comparison of power coal imports in the first 4 years in the past three years

        In the 12bet sports bettingfirst quarter of 2024, the amount of power coal input has set the highest level in the past two years。kpler data display,The coal import volume from January to March 2024 increased by 23%year -on -year,increased from 34.85 million tons a year ago to 42.95 million tons。Compared with the first quarter of 2022,The import volume increased by 36%from 31.51 million tons。

        The hot summer has inspired coal demand。KPler's chief dry bulk analyst Alexis Ellener pointed out,The consumption of power coal is pushed up due to the hot weather,Indian coal demand prospects are still strong。

        kpler data display,In April, the import volume of power coal climbed to a five -month high of 16.23 million tons,1.5 million tons year -on -year。He told Businessline,April is also the two weeks of the highest imports since November 2023; more than 4 million tons。

        "Although domestic coal production continues to grow strongly,But the import demand is still strong。Although the supply has increased,But coal consumption is so large,As a result, the peak value of coal inventory fell from the peak in late April to the lowest level since the first week of May。Despite this,Inventory is still much higher than the level of the same period last year,"Ellen pointed out。

        According to government data,February 1,The coal inventory of the domestic coal -fired power plant is 36.05 million tons,rose to 41.77 million tons in one month,April 1st and May 1st rose to 12bet sports betting47.34 million tons and 45.4 million tons。

        As of the end of March,The coal inventory of the DCB power plant is 4730 tons,Then it fell to 4548 tons on April 30,May 17th to 4445 tons。

        He said,In April, thermal power generation volume increased by 10.69%year -on -year,and hydropower power generation decreased by 8.43%year -on -year。April 2024,The cumulative amount of thermal power generation is 123,504 GWH (GWH),Hydropower total 7,993 GWH。

        The hot weather prompts to import more coal。"The hot weather may last at least until mid -May。We expect this month to be the annual peak of the import of Power Coal in India。Last week of April,The rent from Indonesia (the world's largest power coal exporter) to India has risen to the highest level since October 2022,This provides a basis for further strong arrival this month,"Ellener means。

        Senior government officials said,As the temperature further rises north,Power demand will rise。It is expected that a serious heat wave will occur one week from May 19,increased demand for refrigeration。This will also push the import volume in May。

        Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) made predictions,mid -late May,Rajast Tanbang、Punjab Bangbang、Harriana Bang、Many areas from Changdigal to Delhi are likely to occur to severe heat waves to severe heat waves。As the temperature rises and the heat waves continue,It will also push up the amount of power coal in May。

        Requirements for heat waves to push high electricity,India in May of May coal power generation increased by 12.7%year -on -year

        Due to the great increase in electricity demand for high temperature heat waves,May,India's coal -fired power generation volume increases significantly month -on -month。

        Indian Central Electric Power Bureau (CEA) data display,May this year,All Indian coal -fired power generation reached 119.53 billion kWh,increased by 12.7%year -on -year,increased by 2.6%month -on -month。

        With the increase in power demand,The demand for power consumption of electricity companies in India also increases,Since this year,Indian coal imports show the increase in monthly increase。

        KPLER ship tracking data display,May,Indian coal imports reached 23.1596 million tons,5.96%year -on -year,increased 3.29%month -on -month,Continue to keep the monthly growth。

        At the same time,India steps up domestic coal production,Make sure the coal supply of the power plant,To avoid the shortage of coal use again。May,Indian coal output is 83.91 million tons,increased by 10.15%year -on -year。Where,Indian coal company output is 64.4 million tons,increased by 7.46%year -on -year。

        Current,The inventory of Indian power plants maintains a good level。As of the end of May,Indian power plant coal inventory is 47.86 million tons,Basically stable compared to 47.92 million tons in the previous January,The number 12bet sports bettingof days of coal depository can be maintained for more than 16 days。

        Indian National Power Company plans to increase thermal power capacity

        According to Argus (ARGUS), June 10 Information,Indian State -owned Public Institute of Public Institute of Public Institutional NTPC plans to bid about 15 Gaval power generation capabilities in March 2027,To meet the expected demand growth。Increase in power generation capacity usually increases coal consumption。

        The company said: "As part of our overall energy security plan,We are actively considering building 15.2 GW of 15.2 Gwa in the near future。This is a supplement to the 9.6 Giwa heating capacity under construction。”

        NTPC Represents,In the planned 15.2 Gywa power generation capacity,10.4 Gywa's bidding will be released from April 2024 to March 2025.。The company also added,Another 3.2 Gilva bidding will be released in fiscal year 2025-26,Subsequent bidding of 1.6 Gava will be released in fiscal year 2026-27。

        As of March 31,NTPC Group's power generation installation capacity is 76 Gava,3.9 Gava from the same period last year。The company plans to pass the traditional energy and renewable energy by mixed power generation by 2030,Reached 130 Gaval power generation capacity。

        On the occasion of the development of new coal -fired projects in the Indian private public business company,The company is expanding thermal power capacity。and Indian private public institutions such as Tata Power and JSW 12bet casinoEnergy have shifted from developing new thermal power capacity to focus on renewable energy。

        NTPC also plans to increase coal output,Partially reduced dependence on external supply。The company plans to increase coal production from 34.4 million tons in fiscal 2023-24 in the next three years to 50 million tons/year。2023-24,The number of coal received by the company reaches a record of 241 million tons,increased by 7.6%over the same period last year,to meet the growing demand。Among them, 9.6 million tons of imported coal,It still decreased by 34%compared to the same period last year。

        The Indian Federal Government plans to increase the fire power power capacity of about 80 Gaval in 2031-32,To meet the expected power demand growth,So as to promote future coal consumption。

        Due to rapid economic growth,India's power demand has unprecedented speed growth。The Ministry of Electric Power said in November 2023: "India needs all -weather power supply to promote growth,India will not sacrifice power supply。"" "Only renewable energy can not achieve this power supply。Due to nuclear power capacity, it cannot increase rapidly,We need to continue to increase thermal power capacity based on coal。"The Ministry urged the power industry to plan the capacity increased in the next 5-7 years。

        According to the Indian National Power Plan (NEP),By March 2032,India needs to increase coal -fired power generation capacity from the current 211 GW 12bet sports bettingto 259.6 Gava。India Central Electric Power Bureau (CEA) in May 2023 NEP representation,India needs to improve the current coal -fired power generation ability,to meet the peak power demand of the 2031-32 fiscal year 2473.8 in fiscal year。CEA is also expected to be 2026-27 fiscal year,Coal -fired power generation capacity will rise to 235.1 Gilw。

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