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In the first quarter, Russian coal companies' profit cuts,Amur, want to be a coal leader
Source: Today's Think Tank    Author:    Time: 2024-06-11 09:52    Browse: 531 times

        The National Bureau of Statistics of Russia said,January-March 2024,Russian coal company's profits decreased by 96.9%compared with the same period last year,drop to 4.7 billion rubles。During the reporting period,Russian Coal Company received 47.7 billion 12bet sports bettingrubles (-71.5%),The loss is 43 billion rubles (an increase of 2.9 times)。

        The first quarter of 2024,The share of a profitable enterprise is 50%,The same period last year was 61.3%; the loss rates were 50%and 38.7%in the previous year, respectively。and from January to April 2024, Russian coal production increased by 0.3%,reached 144 million tons。

        Russian Minister of Energy Shulkinov said in an interview at the end of last year,2024 Russian coal production and exports may remain at the level of 2023。In April 2024, the Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Sheri Mosaconovov 12bet online bettingpointed out in an interview with reporters,Coal exports have decreased slightly。However, the Ministry of Energy has not yet planned to modify the previous production and export prediction value,They think that exports may improve in the second half of the year。

        In addition,Amur planned coal production,2023 Alumur produced 4.5 million tons of coal。The main supply of power companies Blagoveshenskaya CHPP、RAICHIKHINSKAYA GRES、Public business institutions and individual users use。

        The largest output in the region is "Amur Coal" 12bet mobile appCompany,The company operates coal mines in the Oktyabrsky District and Raichikhinsk northeast。Amur Coal Company mined 2.9 million tons of coal in 2023。Among them, the "Ogojin Coal Company" operated in the Selhamza area produced 1.4 million tons of coal,Almost three times the output in 2022。There are some coal companies along the Alumur River,The scale is relatively small,Its output is within the range of 5,000-70,000 tons per year,They produce about 200,000 tons of coal each year。

        The Government of the Amur state plans to increase the output of Ogojin Oilfield in 12bet sports bettingthe next few years。As early as the end of last year,Experts have started the work of their development projects,OGODJA-FEVRALSK railway branch construction has begun。This project will help regional coal transporting outward after completion,Stimulate coal output,The current goal is to reach the level of 1700-18 million tons per year by 2029,That is, 3-4 times the current output。

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