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Ceke Port strives to import over 20 million tons of coal throughout the year
Source: China Ceck    Author:    Time: 2024-06-13 10:06    Browse: 495 times

As of June 11,Ceke Port has a cumulative customs clearance of 10.03 million tons; the import and export trade volume is 6.252 billion yuan;,150,000 person -times of entry and exit。

To effectively improve the clearance 12bet sports bettingefficiency,Ceke Port comprehensively promoted the national standard version of the "single window" to undertake application,Accelerate the implementation of trade data collaboration,Strengthen corporate credit management,By implementing a single window electronic inspection、Implementing the "Top Six Out" coal transportation channels and expansion、Innovative cross -border transport、AGV driverless and intelligent card transportation method、Take the new model of "joint inspection" customs clearance service、Carrying 12bet casinoout the "Inspection and Combination" operation at the scene of cargo supervision、Provide overseas coal inspection and admission service、Effective measures such as cross -border vehicle guidance and comprehensive protection of traffic support,Promoting steady growth of coal imports。

Next,Ceke Port will closely focus on high -level openness and high -quality development requirements,Give full play to the role of the country's strategic fulcrum to open the bridgehead of the north,Active service and integration into the 12bet sports betting“Belt and Road”、Construction of the China -Mongolia Russia Economic Corridor,Accelerate the promotion of modern ports、Smart Port Construction,Comprehensively promoting intelligent cross -border transportation mode,Strive to import more than 20 million tons of coal throughout the year。At the same time,Further closely close bilateral economic and trade exchanges,Increase construction machinery、Building materials、Fruit and vegetables、Daily product export and imported meat products,Fully promote 12bet online betting websitethe expansion of the border trade、excellent structure、Gift quality,Build a broader cooperation and exchange platform for promoting bilateral economic and trade exchanges,Efforts to build multiple development、Multi -pole support、Bilateral trading system with distinctive characteristics。

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