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Week 23 of 2024, US coal estimated output increased by 5.78%month -on -month
Source: China Coal Resource Network     Author:    Time: 2024-06-14 10:21    Browse: 676 times

        Data released by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) on June 13,Week 23, 2024 (as of the week of June 8),US coal estimated output 12bet casinois 9.2087 million short tons (8.354 million tons),increased 5.78%from the previous week,decreased by 19.69%compared with the same period last year。

        Data display,Word of the week,The estimated production output of coal in Waioming and Montana in the United States is 4.224 million short tons,increased by 7.22%from the previous week,decreased 17.46%from the same period last year。

        Word of the 12bet mobile appweek,Illinois coal estimated output is 596,800 short tons,decreased 1.41%from the previous week,decreased by 24.4%compared with the same period last year。APPALACHIAN (APPALACHIAN) coal estimated output is 2.738 million short tons,increased 5.91%from the previous week,decreased by 14.2%compared to the same period last year。

        Since 2024,US coal estimated output a total of 210 million short tons,decreased by 18.2%from the 257 million tons of 257 million in the same period last year。

        On the week of June 8,US railway coal transportation 12bet online bettingvolume is 54797 car,increases 2980 cars from the previous week,decreased by 10913 vehicles from the same period last year; the transportation of 1.2248 million cars has been transported since this year,decreased by 17.9%year -on -year。

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