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The Indian railway department increased by 9.3%year -on -year coal supply to the power plant
Source: Indian Railway Company    Author:    Time: 2024-06-12 09:52    Browse: 498 times

According to foreign media quoted Indian railway officials,,In order to increase the coal supply to the power plant、Meet the power supply of the 12bet mobile apppower plant during the peak of the summer electricity use,May this year,Indian Railway (Indian Railway) transportation coal volume increased by 9.3%compared with the same period last year。

Because the Indian government does a good freight plan this year this year,Coal inventory of the Indian thermal power plant can be supplemented in time。Connecting the East Special Freight Corridor of the Eastern Power Plant in India and the East 12bet online bettingof the Northern Power Plant has been fully put into use,helps to speed up the transportation of coal to power plants。

At the same time,In May all the goods and freight volume of all goods in the Indian Railway Network also increased by 3.9%,It has not been influenced by the Indian election as expected by people before。

Since October 2020,Indian Railway Corporation has set the highest freight record for 56 consecutive 12bet mobile appmonths。Where,Coal is still the company with the largest transportation volume,7201 million tons; followed by iron ore,14.61 million tons。

confirmed by the railway official,May 2024,Indian freight volume reached 1391.6 billion tons,increased by 8.4%from 128.3 billion tons in April。

That month,Indian railway company's freight revenue reached 152.309 billion rupees,increased 8.2%month -on -month,increased by 4%year -on -year。

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