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Thailand's 2025 levy carbon tax is about 40 yuan per ton
Source: China Coal Resource Network    Author:    Time: 2024-06-18 09:08    Browse: 527 times

        According to the recent news of the Bangkok Post,​​Following Singapore,Thailand will become the second country to implement carbon taxes in ASEAN,Thailand's plan "Global Warming Act" was opened in 2025,Carbon tax collection。In view of the type of tax will be linked to the Global Warm Act,Government departments will not need to implement new legislation。Ekniti Nititithanprapas, head of the Thai consumer tax department (Excise Department), emphasized,Lever carbon tax will not affect the people。

        12bet online bettingGovernment officials have previously said,Carbon tax policy is expected to cover Thailand's energy、Traffic and Industrial Department,The target is to reduce the emissions of the country to up to 30%。The Taxation Bureau of the Ministry of Finance will use international standards to implement taxation,Tax from the source of emissions。The reason for this move is that Thailand is designed to deal with the European CBAM (carbon border adjustment mechanism),And it is expected to benefit immediately when the CBAM implementation (2026)。 

        Thailand's carbon tax levy will start from oil,and the carbon tax is expected to increase the burden on oil tax,Because the new bill only converts some oil tax into carbon tax,Therefore, the general public is unlikely to be affected。 

        12bet sports bettingThe current consumption tax for diesel is 6.44 baht per liter,Diesel is emitted per liter of 0.0026 tons of carbon。and the carbon tax rate is 200 baht per ton (about RMB 39.47),Conversion,Each liter of diesel will levy carbon tax 0.52 baht (about 0.10 yuan)。

        Thailand starts carbon tax collection,helps to connect Europe in 2026 to launch a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) regulations for five commodities。Especially Thailand's steel industry is export -oriented,Most of the operators burn diesel to melt steel,When the carbon tax has been levied in Thailand,Future Product Export EU,can avoid double lectures,Help Thai companies to maintain competitiveness。

        Ekniti said,The country's carbon tax implementation will take international standards,Tax of emissions 12bet mobile appfrom the source。For example,In the past, the vehicle was collected according to the engine exhaust,Now the carbon dioxide displacement is collected,Carbon discharge over 200 grams of vehicles per kilometer,The tax rate is 35%; the discharge volume is less than 150 grams per kilometer,Tax rate is 25% 。 

        In order to promote the development and use of the electric vehicle industry,The government encourages manufacturers to set up electric vehicle production plants in Thailand,At present, 22 electric vehicle companies have joined,It is estimated that it has introduced more than 80 billion baht investment for Thailand。As of 2024,Sales of electric vehicles grows 685%annually,But the consumption rate of electric vehicles decreases from 8%to 2%,Therefore, the consumption tax collected 12bet sports bettingwhen the vehicle is purchased,Help Thailand reduces more than 240,000 tons of carbon row。 

        other,The Thai consumer tax department is also studying car batteries、Action power supply and other battery type tax rates,It is expected to have a unified tax rate of 8%。Ekniti revealed,In the future, the rate will be distinguished,For example, reduce the tax rate of recovery,To motivate environmental protection operations。

        Ekniti said,Environmental protection practice is global priority,Especially in Europe,Europe will fully implement CBAM in 2026,Effect on traders。He said,To reduce these impacts and improve competitiveness,The consumer tax department is preparing for the enterprise for the enterprise through the consumption tax law。

        The Thai government 12bet online bettingis expected to promulgate legislation later this year,Further description of carbon tax will be reflected in the document。In addition to carbon tax,The second draft of the Thai Climate Change Act also plans to establish a carbon emissions trading system (ETS) and voluntary carbon market,to reduce the amount of emissions from all walks of life。

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