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       Ordos Coal Network Headquarters is located in Ordos, which accounts for one -sixth of the national coal reserves,It is a state -owned first -level wholly -owned company in Inner Mongolia Yunmei Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Ordos Dongsheng District.Common investment founding,It is a comprehensive service provider based on the coal industry chain,Average daily click volume of online platform 10000+,Total clicks exceed one million,Serving coal production enterprises nearly a thousand domestic,Service users over 10,000 houses,Covering the target population of 2 million,Platform is committed to using information technology 12bet casinoto transform the traditional coal industry circulation link,Improve the overall efficiency of the industry,Promote the transformation and development of the coal industry。

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       The platform is positioned as a service for small and medium coal for small and medium -sized coal,Based on the operation of the "Ordos Coal" brand,Promote the "Ordos Coal" brand to China and the world,Relying on the e 12bet sports betting-commerce platform,Establish a coal distribution system,Fusion logistics information system,It has become a one -stop service platform that promotes the trade and circulation of small and medium coal customers。
       After years of development,The company has set up more than 100 coal mine distribution service stations in the Ordos area,At present, it has already worked with coal production enterprises,12bet online betting websitePlatform、Railway、Port、Electricity and financial institutions have established a good cooperative relationship,By integrating information flow、Logistics、Fund flow、Implementing integrated operation,It has become a domestic influential coal industry ecological chain comprehensive service provider。

Business Tel: 0477-5115580
Address: No. 6 Wanda Trading Building, No. 6 Tiexi Cultural 12bet sports bettingStreet, Dongsheng District, Ordos, Inner Mongolia

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