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Advertising service hotline: 0477-5115580

       Information about the coal industry、Technology、Policy、Corporate Information 12bet online bettingLibrary、Quotation library、Data statistics、Information release、Market analysis system and Internet plus coal -related coal industry portal portal websites。The company has an official website development; mobile website、Ordos Coal Network WeChat subscription number、Ordos Coal Trading Center Service Number、Yunmei e -commerce service number and other WeChat platforms follow the fans over 100000+。12bet mobile appWebsite was founded in 2014,Most of the potential customers。The overall advertising design has the official website through three and lower three advertisements,A advertising location at the top of the mobile website,WeChat is designed with corresponding advertising positions,Knowing me let the world know you,It is your choice of online advertising ideal selection,Ordos 12bet casinoCoal Net Platform Advertising is suitable for coal mines、Lan Carbon、Chemical enterprises、Coal washing plant。Special mechanical manufacturers of coal mining for coal mining、Coal Transporting Company、The best choice of sales in mine sales,We have a professional sales team。Professional online advertising design,Build a business and merchant for you、Merchant and Enterprise,12bet casinoCustomer network of coal supply and coal -consuming customer network direct bridge。In order to save more manpower and material resources,Putting time faster。The best effect,This is the 21st century network speed brings charm to your company。

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