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China Coal Yulin Coal Deep Processing Base Project Construction Construction
Source: China Coal    Author:    Time: 2024-06-19 10:04    Browse: 389 times

Camel City June,Fairview boom。June 18,China Coal China Coal Shaanxi Company China Coal Yulin Coal Deep Processing Base Project held the main device start -up ceremony。Standing Committee of China Coal Party Committee、General Accountant Zhao Rongzhe attended the ceremony and announced the start of the project。

This project is the spirit of China Coal Implementation of the important speech of General Secretary Jinping in China,An important support item for creating a Mongolian -Shaanxi Comprehensive Energy Development Strategy Base,Carrying the national innovation demonstration and China Coal to build a world -class coal chemical 12bet sports bettingproject,Lead the industry's high -quality development,The glorious mission and arduous task of promoting industrial transformation and upgrading。Projectable budget budget investment 23.888 billion yuan。The main construction content is 2.2 million tons/year methanol、900,000 tons/annual polyacin,At the same time, optimization and upgrade of the first phase of the existing coal chemical industry,Construction of 250,000 tons/year LDPE/EVA extension chain increase chain and supporting engineering project。The main device of the project includes empty points、gasification、Purification、Sulfur Recycling、methanol synthesis、MTO、Olefin separation、3 sets of polyolefins and 1 set of EVA devices。It is expected to be put into production in 2026 China Communications and trials。After the project is put into production, 12bet mobile appit can effectively promote local economic and social development,Promote the optimization and upgrade of the industrial structure,Construction peak period can drive tens of thousands of people。China Coal Shaanxi Company will further expand the new advantage of the "chain owner" enterprise of the industrial chain,Promoting coal chemicals to high -end、Diversified、Low -carbonization and coal、Coal Electric、New Energy Coupling Development,Create a secret industrial chain and value chain。

This project is after my country proposed the "3060" dual carbon strategic goal,The first coal chemical project approved by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment。The project proposes domestic leading energy consumption、Carbon emissions、Environmental Protection、Digital construction target,and use the latest energy -saving emission 12bet mobile appreduction technology,Construct a smart factory from the top -level design perspective to build a blueprint for construction,Lay the foundation for the construction of smart factories with digital design。At the same time, combined with photovoltaic power generation and empty energy storage technology,Stable development research、Efficient、Energy -saving energy storage type vacant device,Realize the green carbon reduction target of the project。October 22, 2023,The project is listed by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment as "Typical Cases of Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation" for the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.,It is the first selected coal chemical project in the central enterprise。

The project also undertakes two national application demonstration tasks of 3000 tons of gasification semi -waste pot and 40MW 12bet mobile appultra -high -power motor。Where,3000 -ton -grade gasification semi -waste pot process can be used to use the saturated steam of the installation by the entire production of the equipment.,Can reduce the amount of fuel coal,It can also greatly extend the life of the equipment。Another,This project first applied for the first 40MW super large domestic motor in the field of coal chemical industry。

Since the establishment of it,This project adheres to professionalization、Refined、Featured、Novelty transformation and upgrade ideas,According to "Clean and Efficiency、Green Low Carbon、Innovation driver、Digital empowerment、Multi -energy coupling、Integrated operation "principle,Innovation with technological innovation、Technical equipment high -end、Digitalization of intelligent factories to lead,Strive to build 12bet casinoa complete industrial chain from coal to methanol to polyolefin products "from black to white",Therefore, "developing coal、Use coal、Beyond Coal "new mode,Multi -capacity complementation、Green Low Carbon Modern Coal Chemical Industry formed Chinese Coal Features、Chinese coal scheme and Chinese coal mode,Fully build a boutique demonstration project that is not behind the life cycle。

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