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Inner Mongolia's first coal mining area this year was approved by the country
Source: China News Network    Author:    Time: 2024-06-19 10:03    Browse: 379 times

     Energy Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region News on the 18th news,Recently,"Master Plan (Repair) in Xinjie Mining 12bet casinoArea, Inner Mongolia" was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission,New Street Mining Area is the first coal mining area approved by Inner Mongolia in 2024,It is also the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period of the 4th coal mining area approved by Inner Mongolia。

Xinjie Coal Mining Area is located in Ordos City,East Sheng Coal Field,Backbone Mining Area, 12bet mobile appwhich belongs to the national large coal base Shendong Coal Base,It is also the main mining area of ​​coal production capacity in Mongolia (western Inner Mongolia) region。

Xinjie Coal Mining Area totaling 59 million tons/year,Plan 7 ore,The largest scale 13 million tons/year,minimum scale 4 million tons/year,3 of which are new ore,All are well -workers mining,Total scale 20 million tons/year。

Energy Bureau of Inner Mongolia,12bet sports bettingThe overall planning of the mining area is the basic basis for the development and construction of coal mine,Successful approval of the planning of Xinjie Coal Mining Area for accelerating the release of high -quality production capacity、Improve coal guarantee capabilities、It is important to achieve the stability of coal production capacity。

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