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Traders argue coal price trend, industry dilemma gradually prominent
Source: Coal Treasure    Author:    Time: 2024-06-19 09:59    Browse: 382 times

        Yesterday I talked about the price of the coal mine pits and the price is falling rapidly,A new round of "price war" today,and coal traders in the south and north launched a fierce debate on the trend of coal prices in late June,The information of the various WeChat group price adjustment also sends a constant。With today's Jin, Shaanxi and Mongolian Coal Mine、Power Plant Procurement、Port coal prices fell 5-25 yuan after another,The online coal auction of the Greater Group also 12bet online bettingappears all the bids,The dilemma behind the industry is gradually prominent。

        1、Shenmu Ling strip*The latest transaction price of coal mines is 718 yuan,fell 14 yuan compared to the previous period; the latest transaction price of the medium block was 787 yuan,falling 9 yuan from the previous period; 2、Shenmu Zhangjia*The latest transaction price of raw coal of coal mines is 696 yuan,Falling 7 yuan compared to the previous period; the latest transaction price of mixed coal is 695 yuan,Fall 24 yuan compared to the previous period,3、Red*Forest Coal Mine 5-2 raw coal,5600 round of heat starting price 660,Transaction price 661-664 yuan/ton。4、Hui Neng No. 2 Mongolian Coal 730,Fall 35 yuan。

        On June 18th, a large -scale national -owned mining auction all drops!

        Some traders think,High 12bet online betting websitetemperature at 40 degrees north,It can’t hide the desertedness of the current coal market,Price reduction in late June is the inevitable result of changes in market supply and demand,I don’t really find the power point。Under the current economic situation,The growth of coal demand in the non -electricity industry slows down,In addition to the demand for electric coal, it is expected to pick up,The consumption of practical coal companies is still declining。This year's coal supply is relatively sufficient,Multiple port inventory of ports in the south,caused the price decline inevitable。They point out,This price reduction trend is difficult to reverse in the short term,Must be prepared for long -term low prices。

But,Other northern coal traders 12bet mobile appexpressed worry。The price cannot stop falling,can only stop or reduce production,They believe that the price reduction has severely compressed the profit space,More and more bosses who have chosen coal factories around you have switched to、Selling machines and equipment or simply use the coal factory warehouse to rent for rent。With demand decrease,making the industry that was originally competitive more difficult。Various cost expenditures are difficult to reduce,and market share facing a lot of threats,Enterprise operation pressure increases,Now the "coal boss" is getting more and more difficult for life。

        ▲ Screenshot of Shaanxi State -owned Coal Mine Competition Transactions

        Actually,The industry dilemma behind the price reduction cannot be ignored。12bet mobile appThe coal industry is facing the continuous increase in environmental protection pressure、impact of the development of new energy、There are many challenges such as the continuous emergence of the market at low prices of the market。In this context,The situation of traders is becoming more difficult。

        Facing this situation,Coal traders need to more actively explore new development models and ways。For example, strengthen cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises,Optimize and build an online supply chain platform; increase investment in scientific and technological innovation,Improve coal utilization and circulation efficiency, etc.。Only active response,Only in order to find new vitality and ways to find in coal price fluctuations and industry 12bet sports bettingdilemma。In innovation and entrepreneurship in the era of artificial intelligence,Let's pay attention to how coal traders are going to break the situation in the predicament。 

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