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International main port power coal prices are stable and low
Source: China Coal Market Network    Author:    Time: 2024-06-19 10:12    Browse: 3824 times

       Last week,China, Japan and South Korea end users are relatively weak for 12bet mobile appAustralian coal,Australian Newcastle Port High Card Dynamic Coal Price Continued down。Double weakness for supply and demand,South Africa Richard Port power coal prices temporarily stable。According to the monitoring of China Coal Market Network: As of June 14,Australian Newcastle Port Dynamic Coal price index is $ 132.84/ton,decreased by $ 4.17/ton compared to $ 137.01/ton 12bet online bettingon June 7,Decrease to 3.04%。South Africa Richard Port Power Coal price index is 112.88 US dollars/ton,and the $ 112.88/ton as of June 7。European three -port power coal price index is 108.5 US dollars/ton,and the $ 108.5/ton on June 7th。

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