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In May, China Coal Energy Commodity Coal production increased by 5.1% year -on -year sales increased by 0.6%
Source: China Coal Energy    Author:    Time: 2024-06-19 09:48    Browse: 363 times

       Announcement released by China Coal Energy on June 17,May 2024,China Coal Energy Commodity Coal production is 11.68 million tons,increased 12bet casinoby 570,000 tons year -on -year,increased 5.1%; an increase of 1.2 million tons from the previous month,increased 11.5%。

May,China Coal Energy Commodity Coal sales are 22.91 million tons,increased by 0.6%year -on -year,and the previous January of 11.9%; the month -on -month increase of 510,000 tons,increased 2.3%。

Where,Self -produced commodity coal sales are 11.1 million tons,increased by 8.4%year -on -year,Holding the same monthly。

January to May,China Coal Energy 12bet mobile appCommodity Coal cumulative production is 54.89 million tons,decreased by 1.2%year -on -year; commercial coal sales were 109.18 million tons,decreased 11.2%year -on -year。where,Self -produced commodity coal sales are 54.51 million tons,increased by 2.3%year -on -year。

Announcement representation,Production and operation data above is derived from the company's internal statistics,For investors to understand the use of the company's production and operation 12bet sports bettingin a timely manner,It may be different from the data disclosed by the company regularly。

other,Due to the influence of many factors,Including (but not limited to) national macro policy adjustment、Changes in market environment at home and abroad、Disaster and disaster、Equipment maintenance and maintenance、Safety inspection and changes in geological conditions of coal mine,The production and operation data announced by the announcement may have 12bet mobile appa large difference between monthly。

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