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310,000 tons of coal exported in May in May decreased by 16.0%year -on -year
Source: China Coal Resource Network    Author:    Time: 2024-06-19 09:37    Browse: 381 times

        Data released by the General Administration of Customs,China exported 310,000 tons of coal in May 2024,decreased by 16.0%year -on -year,Fall 43.64%month -on -month。

        12bet online bettingMay exports of coal in May were US $ 60.297 million,43.4%year -on -year,decreased 47.61%month -on -month。Based on this, the export unit price is 194.51 US dollars/ton,Falling a year -on -year decrease of $ 93.22/ton,Falling a month -on -month decrease of $ 14.77/ton。

        January-May 2024,Cumulative export of 2.25 million tons of coal nationwide,increased by 40.3%year -on -year; cumulative export value was 485.024 million US dollars,decreased 12bet online bettingby 6.6%year -on -year。

       ,Exit coke and half coke in May of 660,000 tons,decreased by 6.5%year -on -year; the amount is 138.521 million US dollars,decreased by 33.5%year -on -year。January to May Export 4 million tons,increased by 18%year -on -year; the amount 980.255 million US dollars,decreased by 10.6%year -on -year。

        Exporting 700,000 tons of cement and cement clinker in May,increased by 106.1%year -on -year; the amount was US $ 36.435 million,increased by 33.1%year -on -year。From January 12bet mobile appto May, a total of 2.33 million tons,increased by 80.7%year -on -year; the amount was 138.422 million US dollars,increased by 17.4%year -on -year。

        Exit 30,000 tons of urea in May,decreased by 81.1%year -on -year; the amount was $ 15.361 million,decreased by 77.6%year -on -year。January to May Export 70,000 tons,decreased by 91.7%year -on -year;,decreased by 92.7%year -on -year。


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