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National Mining Supervision Bureau: Strengthen the education of mining production safety accidents
Source: National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau    Author:    Time: 2024-06-04 09:38    Browse: 406 times

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minerals [2024] No. 67


Each province、Autonomous Region、Municipality and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Mine Safety Supervision Department,All provincial bureaus of the State Mining Safety Supervision Bureau,About central enterprises:

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping's important instructions for safety production,Persist in the people first、Life first,Give full play to the role of warning education for mining production safety accidents,Effectively use accident lessons to promote the work of production safety,The work notice of the work of warning education (hereinafter referred to as warning education) is now taken as follows。

1. Fully understand the significance of warning education.

        General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,The lesson brought by the safety accidents,To 12bet sports bettingachieve "an accident in one factory、Education of Wan Factory,There are hidden dangers in one place、National Alert "。Warning education is a good experience and practice for the long -term adherence to the work safety of mining,Is a prevention accident、Important measures to improve emergency ability,It is an important means to promote production safety。Mining Safety Supervision and Supervision Department、Mining companies must further strengthen warning education,Warning education as an important part of the work safety work,Regularly organize warning education activities,Guide mining practitioners deeply absorbing accident lessons,Enhance safety awareness、Improve safety literacy、Standardized safety behavior,To be alarm bell long、Alert with the case、Promote reform with the case、Promote treatment with the case,Further create everyone to talk about safety、A good atmosphere of emergency emergency,Resolutely prevent curbing mining production safety accidents。

2. Establish and improve the warning education system.

        Warning education as a basic work of production safety,Perseverance for a long time,normalization。Enterprises that occur 12bet sports bettingin mining production safety accidents,To organize warning education in time,Educate people around you with things around。Areas where mining production safety accidents occurred,According to the principle of classification of the territory,In the event of an accident company or region,Take the on -site meeting、Video will, etc.,Organization to carry out warning education,In principle, it is carried out within 3 months after the accident。If a major accident occurs,,Organized by the Provincial Bureau of the State Mining Safety Supervision Bureau by the provincial mining safety supervision department;,organized by the municipal -level mining safety supervision department;,It is organized by the county -level mining safety supervision department or entrusted to an accident mining superior enterprise organization;,Mine safety supervision and supervision and supervision department believes that it is necessary,Organize warning education activities as a visible situation。Ab on a large or above accident,Mine safety supervision and supervision departments responsible for the investigation of the accident should organize the production of accident warning education 12bet online bettingmovies。Typical accidents on other parts of the country,Mining Enterprise、Mine safety supervision and supervision and supervision departments must organize warning education in a timely manner,Take the accident of others as your own accident,Against three,Take effective measures,Prevent similar accidents in this enterprise、Repeat the same mistakes in the region。

3. Strengthen warning education activities.

        Mining enterprises should incorporate warning education into safety production education and training plans,Active use of safety training、Employee Conference、Safety production meeting、A variety of forms in front of the class,Normalization of full -time warning education,Strongly carry out risk control and hidden danger investigation and governance,Strict implementation of accident prevention and rectification measures。Mine safety supervision and supervision and supervision department for typical mining production safety accidents,You can adopt an accident scene meeting、Sects、Analysis Meeting and Organization Watch the accident warning educational film、A variety of forms such as appearing on the parties,Organize the head of the local government and its relevant departments in a timely manner and the main person in charge 12bet mobile appof the mining enterprise in the area under its jurisdiction、Actual controller and safety managers carry out warning education,The content mainly includes the cause of the accident、Analysis existing problems、Summary experience lessons、Put forward preventive rectification measures, etc.。Warning education activities can invite local news media to publicize and report,Create a warning education atmosphere,Enhanced warning education effect。

4. Establish a mining enterprise warning education day.

        Mining enterprises should set up a warning education day in accordance with the typical production safety accidents in the company's history。Based on the characteristics of corporate disasters and the weak links of safety production every year、Promotion Questions,Use the Warning Education Day to carry out a concentrated on -member warning education,Through media、Shop Board、Broadcast、Banner and other employees like to see how to promote it,Analysis of typical accident case lessons、Preaching security laws and regulations、Training safety skills、Create a safe atmosphere,Let all members be warned in their ideological understanding、12bet online betting websiteEducation,Let the enterprise execute in the system、Risk control、Disaster treatment, etc.、Get promotion,Ensure that warning education achieves practical results。

5. Strengthen the supervision and inspection of warning education activities.

        Mining safety supervision and supervision department shall integrate the development of warning education activities into the daily inspection content,Urges mining enterprises to strictly carry out warning education,Promoting advanced experience and practices,Timely rectification Question。It is not carried out for a long time to warn the education education work、Per attention,Even units that are falsified,It must be corrected in time in accordance with the law,and urge the rectification,Resolutely prevent and eliminate the field。


National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau

May 29, 2024

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