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"Notice of the National Energy Administration on Further Accelerating the Intelligent Construction of Coal Mine to Promote the High -quality Coal Development" policy interpretation
Source: National Energy Administration    Author:    Time: 2024-05-28 10:06    Browse: 712 times

    In -depth implementation of the Party Central Committee、Decision and deployment of the State Council on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries,Accelerate the development of new quality productive forces,Promote the deep integration of digital intelligence and coal industry,Further improve the level of intelligent construction of coal mines,Promote the high -quality development of coal,Recently, the National Energy Administration issued the "Notice on Further Accelerating the Intelligent Construction of Coal Mine to Promote the High -quality Coal Development" (Guo Nengfa Coal [2024] No. 38,The following referred to as "Notice")。Now interpret the "Notice" from four aspects。

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Coal is the main energy of our country,Play the important role of "cockpit stone" in ensuring national energy security,Intelligence of coal mine for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry、It is important to achieve high -quality coal development。In recent years,The National Energy Administration is in conjunction with relevant departments,Based on the basic national conditions of coal -based coal,Accelerate the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and the coal industry,Vigorously promote the intelligent construction of coal mines,Continuous improvement policy measures,Printing Construction Guide,Release the standardized system,Promoting pilot demonstration,Guide local and enterprises to formulate implementation plans with actual situation,built a batch of advanced technology、Leading intelligent demonstration coal mines,Significant results of reducing people 12bet mobile appto increase safety,The bottom guarantee of coal in energy safety is further consolidated。According to scheduling,As of the end of April 2024,A total of 1922 intelligent coal mining work surfaces were completed in the country,Intelligent excavation working surface 2154。

Current,Intelligent construction of coal mine has entered accelerated development、Promote the new stage in depth。But still facing the imbalance of construction progress、The operating level needs to be improved、Insufficient support for core technology and equipment、Talent guarantee urgently needs to be strengthened,Need to further increase its advancement,Policy measures,Continue to improve the intelligent construction level of coal mines。"Notice" insists on problem -oriented and target -oriented,System deployment of key construction tasks in the next stage,Focus on promoting the intelligentization of coal mines to a larger range、Deeper level、higher quality development,To ensure the safe and stable supply of coal、Constructing a new energy system to provide strong support。

2. Key tasks

"Notice" from persistence classification and advance、Innovative development mode、The construction task requirements are proposed in the aspect of improving the level of construction operation。

The first is to adhere to classification and advance.

"Notice" coordinate the stock and increase,Focus on highlighting large coal mines and severe coal mines,Consider promoting urgency and actual feasibility,Category proposes the intelligent construction arrangement of coal mines。Construction of coal mines,New coal mines are designed and constructed according to intelligent standards,Coal mines, especially large -scale coal mines under construction, should timely supplement the intelligent construction plan,Conditions Strive to complete intelligent construction before completion and put into production。For the production of coal mines,Large coal mines By the end of 2025, a single or multiple system intelligent,Conditional realization of the mining system is intelligent; encourages 3 million tons/year production coal 12bet sports bettingmines to comprehensively promote the intelligent transformation of major production links,Strive to take the lead in building a full -system intelligent coal mine; severe coal mines and production coal mines that are higher than 2400 meters or more than 600 meters above sea level,It is necessary to formulate an intelligent transformation plan for one mine and one strategy,Comprehensively enhance production safety and guarantee capabilities。

The second is the innovative development model.

In recent years,Enterprises from all over the country insist on piloting the road、Typical Quotation、Experience Open Road,Accelerate the construction of intelligent demonstration coal mine,As of now, nearly 60 national demonstration coal mines have been completed、Provincial -level (central enterprise -level) demonstration coal mine more than 200 places,Gradually formed different areas、Intelligent construction mode of different construction conditions。Summarize the construction experience of various places,We selected and released the "Typical Case Compilation of the National Coal Mine Intelligent Construction (2023)","Notice" proposes to further accelerate the mature plan recommended in the promotion assembly,Give full play to the leading role of demonstration coal mines,Explosive application is suitable for the region、Intelligent construction mode of our company,Focus on accelerating the construction of new infrastructure of coal mines,Strengthening multi -system linkage coupling,Efforts to realize the intelligent upgrade of a single system intelligent to the overall intelligence of coal mines; give full play to the concentrated advantages of production concentration of key enterprises,Carry out the joint upgrade and construction of group and mine,Promote the formation of overall planning in the mining area、The construction model for staircase promotion; actively promote the application of intelligent filling and mining、Green mining technology such as while recoil,Promoting intelligent green collaborative development in the mining area。

Third is to improve the level of construction and operation.

"Notice" conforms to the rapid development trend of the new generation of wisdom,Combined with the characteristics of different coal mines and the operation of the system,Put forward the continuous promotion of the optimization and upgrade of the intelligent system。The results of the evaluation results of the coal mines of wells in the category Ⅰ are encouraged in accordance with intermediate and above standards,reaches Ⅱ、Class III construction conditions are encouraged to carry out construction in accordance with the standards of primary and above,Focus on reducing people、Zeng'an、Efficiency,Focus on promoting the intelligent decision -making of the mining system、Effective collaboration with the processing system of the excavation system,mining working surface to achieve over -the -dimensional remote control and no one at the scene。open -air coal mine focusing on independent picking、Mining truck driverless、Unloading and unloading robotic cooperation operation。Coal selection plant focuses on promoting high -precision coal quality online detection、Intelligent sort control。To effectively improve the normalization operation level,"Notice" proposed,Encourage the guidance of coal mine enterprises to jointly form a technological innovation team,Solve the instability in operation in time、Unreliable Questions,Improve the application and on -site adaptability。

3, guarantee measures

Intelligent construction of coal mine is a systematic engineering,To promote the smooth implementation of the construction task,"Notice" proposed a series of guarantee measures for targeted。

The first is to accelerate the research and development of key technology and equipment.

"Notice" around key technical bottlenecks that restrict intelligent development,Put forward the comprehensive use of the "unveiled list" and "horse racing" and other methods,Guide coal mine enterprises and social forces to carry out scientific and technological research,Focus on breaking high 12bet mobile app-precision geological detection、Coal rock recognition、Working face equipment group collaboration control、(Half) Continuously mining intelligent complete set equipment、Smart Single Equipment、Technical problems such as auxiliary operation robots,Increase the first (set) major technical equipment in the energy field to increase the demonstration application of the intelligent technology and equipment of coal mines,Promote the improvement of domesticization、complete set of level。

The second is to play a standard leading role.

In order to give full play to the basicness of the standard of promoting the intelligent development of coal mines、Leading function,The National Energy Administration previously issued the "Guidelines for the Construction of the Intelligent Standard System of Coal Mine" (Guo Nengfa Technology [2024] No. 18),Clarified the framework and key construction content of the intelligent standard system of coal mine。"Notice" proposed,To increase the implementation of the construction guide,Study and establish national standardization of coal equipment、Standardization of coal mine intelligence industry and other technical organizations,In national standards and energy、Increase support for the revision of the intelligent standard system of coal mines in the coal industry standards,Accelerate the establishment of intelligent design and construction specifications、Interface protocol and information interaction、New intelligent sensing and control system、Operating maintenance and quality evaluation urgently needed standards,Improve the intelligent standard system of coal mines。

Third is to increase policy support.

"Notice" on the basis of the system combing the current support policy,Research and introduced new policy supply,Clarifying the new coal mine mining system according to intelligent design、Production of coal mines to realize the intelligent mining,Management according to the advanced coal production capacity standard,Energy replacement、Approved nuclear increase、capacity reserve、12bet mobile appRepeated work and production and other aspects to enjoy differentiated policies。The state invested in the central budget of the coal mine safety transformation、Carbon emission reduction support tool、Focusing on the special loans of the manufacturing industry, the key support。Clear at the same time,The progress of intelligent construction work and effectiveness as an important reference for investment arrangements in the central budget of coal mine safety transformation。

Fourth is to strengthen the construction of talent teams.

Intelligent construction of coal mine requires a composite type、Professional technical talents as support guarantees,This is the optimized labor structure for coal mine enterprises、Improving the management method of talent management has put forward higher requirements。"Notice" proposed,To innovate and intelligent talent introduction、Training、Selection method,Promote the transformation of the labor force of intelligent coal mines,Encourage coal mine enterprises and colleges and universities、Scientific research institutions、Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise Construction Intelligent Education and Training Practice Base,United Cultivation of the intelligent composite talent of coal mine,Establish intelligent equipment engineer、Operations and maintenance technicians and other professional positions,Optimized salary distribution system,Unblocked intelligent talent development channel。

4. Organization implementation

Promotion of intelligent construction of coal mine,Need to coordinate the same force,Coordination of the department,"Notice" closely focuses on the next phase of the target task of intelligent construction,For all places、Enterprises put forward clear work requirements,Provincial and districts of coal production、Relevant central enterprises must combine their own work.,Formulate in the region based on the spirit of this notice、Opinions of the company's implementation,Clarify the intelligent construction task and completion time limit of large coal mines and disasters,Establish 12bet online bettinga project implementation list ledger,Schedule and submit construction progress and operational effectiveness,Ensure that the construction tasks of intelligentization are implemented。To ensure the smooth progress of the construction task,The National Energy Administration will work together with relevant departments,Further play the role of the coordination mechanism of the intelligent development of coal mines,Strengthen the top -level design、Policy support and guidance coordination,Regular scheduling analysis and summary evaluation,Research and solve major problems in work promotion。

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