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The National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau's notice on the announcement of the first -level coal mines (tenth batch) of the standardization management system of safety production
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The National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau About announcement

Safety production standardization management system first reaches standard

Notification of the list of coal mines (tenth batch)

minerals [2024] No. 48

Coal production provinces、Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Coal Mine Safety Supervision Department、The Management Department of the Coal Industry,All provincial bureaus of the State Mining 12bet casinoSafety Supervision Bureau,About central enterprises:

        In accordance with the provisions of the "Methods of the Standardization Management System of Coal Mine Safety Production Management System (Trial)" (Trial) (Trial),Data review、On -site inspection spot check、Delay Condition Check、Online publicity,Confirm that Shanxi Lingshi Yinyuan Xinanfa Coal Industry Co., Ltd., including 81 coal mines (see attachments for details) is the first -level coal mine of the standardized management system for production safety,It is now announced。Effective from the date of announcement,Valid 3 years,with relevant conditions,Apply for automatic extension。

        According to the "Notice on the Standardization Construction of Coal Mine Safety Production" (Safety Supervisory Coal Xing [2017] No. 59)、"Notice on Further improving coal 12bet casinoproduction capacity replacement policies to accelerate high -quality production capacity release to promote the orderly exit of backward production capacity" (Development and Reform Office Energy [2018] No. 151、"Notice on the Management Measures and Approval Standards for Printing and Distributing the Management of Coal Mine" (Emergency [2021] No. 30) and other relevant regulations,The above -mentioned 81 coal mines enjoy the following incentive policies within the validity period of the standardization management system of safety production:

        a、Adjustment of nationwide or regional adjustment、When implementing reduction of production measures,In principle, it is not incorporated into the scope of reduced production coal mine。

        2、When local governments take regional policy suspension measures due to other coal mines,,In principle, it is not included in the scope of production。

        3、Application production capacity nuclear increase,Under the same conditions,can be given priority to review and confirmation; newly put into production coal mines and coal mines that have been approved for production capacity,Interval time to increase production capacity through production capacity,can be shortened from 3 years to 2 years。

        4、When nuclear production capacity increases,The proportion of 12bet casinoproduction capacity replacement is not less than 100%of nuclear increase capacity,By rectification and expansion、Technical transformation increases high -quality production capacity of more than 1.2 million tons/year,The conversion ratio of the required capacity replacement indicator can be increased to 200%。

        5、When nuclear production capacity increases,Nuclear increase can be based on the "not exceeding 12bet mobile appthe standard design specifications of the coal industry design specifications.,Floating 1 -level difference; realizing "one well" or intelligent mining,Nuclear increase can float level 2 difference。

        6、When the validity period of the safety production license expires,with relevant conditions,You can directly go through the extension procedures。

        Seven、Bank insurance、Securities、Guarantee and other competent departments as an important reference basis for credit rating for coal mine enterprises。

        eight、Coal mine safety supervision and supervision departments at all levels appropriately reduce the frequency of inspection; when the coal mine is discontinued after production and acceptance and acceptance,Priority to re -production acceptance。

    Annex:List of coal mine (tenth batch)

National Mining Safety Supervision Bureau

May 13, 2024

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