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Can the coal market hit in July?
Source: Ordos Coal Network    Author: Sun Tingting    Time: 2024-06-19 08:55    Browse: 2681 times

        In the first half of June,The price of coal in the port market of the Bohai Rim Port fell 5 yuan/ton。Starting last Wednesday,East China、Temperature recovery in some areas of South China,Decrease rainwater,High -temperature blessing upstream security supervision becomes strict,Power plant consumption has increased,Eight -coastal Power Plant consumption exceeds 1.9 million tons per day。Although the demand 12bet online bettingfor summer and summer is still optimistic,But the downstream inventory is too high,Beitang's continuous base library is also an indisputable fact。It is expected to be in the next half month,Coal prices will continue to fall slightly,Keep the yin fall mode。

        The production of coal mines in the main production area is normal,Market supply remains stable。downstream enterprises hold a look at the market for the background,Procurement is mainly needed,The overall demand is limited;,No shipment pressure for the time being。June is a safe production month,Occupible accidents occurred in the early stages,Main production area safety and environmental protection 12bet online bettinginspections are tightening on the basis of normalization,The supply of supply is difficult to release the increase。Recent,South China、East China port inventory high,Difficulties in unloading venue,There is pressure in traders' shipments。Current,The inventory of the power plant is relatively sufficient,La Yun、Purchase enthusiasm,Bohai Port Port to Hong Kong -pulling coal ships is scarce; in the second half of the month,Port coal prices may continue to fall slightly。

        Railway shipping,The average daily shipping volume of the Daqin Line is 1.02 million tons,Zhang Tang's average daily transport volume of 270,000 tons,The traffic volume of the two major coal -rail routes is not 12bet online bettinghigh;、Factors such as weak demand,The inventory of the port of the Bohai Rim continues to rise,Market supply is greater than that pressure increases。From the perspective of demand,my country presents high temperature in the north、Features of precipitation in the south,North China、Huanghuai area appears above 35 ° C high temperature weather and will continue this week,The local area can reach 40 ℃。Starting last Wednesday,Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai located in East China also temporarily bid farewell to the rainy season,Enter the high temperature mode of 30 degrees Celsius,Civil electricity load pulls up,Restore -recoverable growth in power plant 12bet online betting websiteconsumption。But because the downstream inventory is too high,Most of the power plants are in the consumption inventory stage; even if the power plant lacks coal,It will also prioritize Jiangoa coal or pick -up and unloaded imported coal boats,If you continue to be nervous,It will purchase Beigang Coal。It is expected that after a period of consumption,Southern users will purchase coal of the Bohai Port Port。Although the economy is accelerated,But to welcomes the peak summer,Some non -electricity industries will enter the peak production stage,Demand will weaken,Unable to support the rise in coal prices。

        Comprehensive analysis,Enter the "Welcome Summer" mode,Power plant consumption daily,Overlapping 12bet sports bettingcoal consumption accelerates,There are growth expectations for both sides of the coal market,Market supply and demand is two prosperous or reproducible。After more than a month of coal price continued to fall,After the inventory of superimposed power plants is consumed,July,Coal prices stop falling and stabilize and rebound. Of course,,The amplitude of the rebound of coal prices needs to be determined according to the power plant's warehouse and procurement situation。

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