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Requirements to release coal prices in advance or insufficient stamina
Source: Ordos Coal Network    Author: Wu Jinglin    Time: 2024-06-18 08:51    Browse: 698 times

      Affected by factors such as safety and environmental inspection and other factors,The supply of some coal mines in the main origin is tightened; chemical industry、Metallurgical and other terminal procurement positive,Requirement of the Replenishment of Library,The price of origin is relatively strong。At the same time,Bohai Rim port market is not optimistic,Since the temperature in the south has just improved,Power plant load 12bet casinois slightly recovered,Consumption of electric coal just starts to accelerate,Power plant consumption has not yet reached a high level,Inventory still maintains a high level,It will not support the price of coal prices for the time being; it is expected that this week,Port coal price index will still appear slightly down at 2-3 yuan/ton。

        Looking back at mid -April to mid -May,With the slow recovery of the economy,Social electricity consumption appears positively,Coal demand increases; traders seize opportunities,Active stocking,Preparation of coal peaks in advance,Promoting the price of coal prices in the Bohai Port market rebound from the trough,Port 5500 card market coal prices rose from 813 yuan/ton on April 11 to 885 yuan/ton on 12bet sports bettingMay 24,Cumulative increased by 72 yuan/ton。and from the end of May to the first half of June,Disposure of downstream demand has not been started,Overlay coal prices rose to high,A decrease in the number of downstream purchases,Promote market demand,The atmosphere of the upstream and downstream is strong; while the downstream power plants mainly rely on the long -term cooperation and imported coal to supplement the supply,I did not purchase a large number of Beigang market coal,Port coal delivery stalemate,Coal prices continue to fall slightly。But the traders are looking forward to the peak season of coal,Overcoming shipping cost support,High -quality coal tight,Most traders 12bet online betting websitechoose a price,No panic selling behavior,Promote the price of port coal from 885 yuan/ton on May 24 to the current 877 yuan/ton,Only down 2-3 yuan/ton per week。

        The first half of the month,The reason why there are market downturn operation,Port coal prices continue to fall slightly。The reasons are as follows: First of all,Continuous rainfall weather in the south,Low thermal load,Most power plant inventory bases are high,The pressure on the preparation of the library before summer is not much pressure。Next,The sellers are actively preparing coal,It can violate things and wishes,End user coal consumption is slow,Passive Base Library of Jiangoi and South China Port,Place and berth tense,12bet mobile appThe anchor ship is queuing and other unloading,Some coal can only be uninstalled to the port of Guangxi,Inhibited the enthusiasm of the purchases of major power plants,Power plant pick -up price continues to fall slightly。again,Early period,A large market coal to Caofeidian、Jacking in the direction of Jingtang Port,But due to the continuous sluggish market,Port coal prices keep stabilizing,Some Mengmei cargo owners are anxious to ship,Its quotation moves slightly; at this time,Terminal has limited acceptance of high -priced market coal,Watching emotions is delayed,leading to transportation demand continues to weak,Anchors under the port are scarce,Bohai Eight Harbor Barli 12bet casinoLibrary to 24.3 million tons。

        Starting last Thursday,High temperature weather in the coastal areas of East China appears,Eight -coastal Power Plant consumption rises slightly。Master power plants accelerate inventory consumption,or stimulate a certain amount of just need to be purchased and released。It is expected that the inflection point of the price of port coal prices is likely to appear in the last week of June,early July,There is an opportunity to rise in coal prices,But the increase is not large。

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