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How long will the coal price of ports fall?
Source: Ordos Coal Network    Author: Guo Xiaofang    Time: 2024-06-17 08:46    Browse: 705 times

        Recent,The atmosphere of the traffic at the port market of the Bohai Rim Port is deserted,Traders' quotation is relatively stable as a whole,Lower demand weak,Poor purchase enthusiasm,less transactions。Relatively active market market,Market coal shipping is still upside down,Traders still have expectations for the peak summer demand,Unwilling to ship at low prices; but the downstream 12bet mobile appdemand is poor,superimposed the recent import of imported coal price slightly,It also has a certain impact on the domestic trade market,The domestic trade market may run in the short term。It is expected to be next week,Port coal prices will also fall by 1-2 yuan/ton。

        Recent,The port is in the oscillating option,The daily consumption of superimposed coastal power plants has not yet risen,downstream inventory is slow,Some ports in South China even appear risk of top library,Makes the power of purchasing power plants a significant decline,Northern Shangpai Ship and Coal Action decrease,instead of electricity terminal only maintains just need to pull transport,12bet online betting websiteIt is not much helpful for driving the rise in coal prices and the market turn.。This week,Increased empty phenomenon in port port,The number of underground anchors at the port anchor is at an absolute low level,The amount of the port transfer is slightly decreased。June,Railway freight discounts continue,But the trade discussion will not be cheap at all,Due to the high coal price of the place of origin,Shipping to Hong Kong is still upside down 50-80 yuan/ton; traders' purchase and coal hoarding enthusiasm weakened,Source Ji Gang is still limited,Port adjustment volume continues to fluctuate at a median level。and downstream users look forward to the decline 12bet mobile appin coal prices,Overlay imported coal、Changxie strong supplement,Most of them consume high inventory,So,Users are rarely purchased for market coal bidding for market coal,Terminal Watching Emotional Emotions,The enthusiasm of purchasing north is poor。This week,The amount of transfer volume of port ports in the Bohai Rim is reduced,obviously lower than the amount of transfer,Port inventory continues to increase slightly。

        The northern region ushered in the first wave of high temperature in summer,Residents to cool down the summer load increase; start on Wednesday,The coastal areas of the south also ushered in a ten -day high temperature 12bet mobile appand low rain climate,Eight coastal power plants consume a long -lost position to more than 1.8 million tons,It is expected that the daily consumption of the coastal power plant in the second half of the month will be good。At high position in the coastal power plant,Coastal、Under the background of the basic full library along the river port,Short -term terminal procurement demand is difficult to improve large -scale substantial improvement,Market or maintain a weak situation; expected next week,The price of coal at the port of the Bohai Rim will also fall by 1-2 yuan/ton,In the last week of June (next week), stabilized and stopped falling。

        The weather in most parts 12bet mobile appof the coast turns sunny、Reliability of temperature,Power plant consumption rising speed accelerates,Significantly accelerate inventory consumption,or stimulating a certain amount of just need to release the terminal。The inflection point of the estimated coal price is in late June,If the power plant goes smoothly,Coal prices will have a stable rebound in the last week of June,If the library is slow,Coal price rebound node may be in early July。

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