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Can coal prices usher in stopping and stabilizing?
Source: Ordos Coal Network    Author: Wu Meng    Time: 2024-06-14 08:43    Browse: 827 times

        After the Spring Festival,Because the trend of coal market and coal price this spring is not optimistic,Most traders maintain low inventory strategies,I did not stock up how much goods were stored in their hands; while the market expected improvement and railway shipping reduction stimulus,Start in mid -late April,Traders start to take the initiative to prepare in advance、The willingness to look forward to the rise in 12bet online bettingthe peak season will increase。May,Port coal prices have increased by 50 yuan/ton。early June,Affected by rainfall and cooling,Power plant consumption rising space is limited,Keep the market shock in the market,Port coal price fell 4 yuan/ton。Gradually expand with the high temperature range,Increased demand for residents to cool down and relieve heat,Restore -recoverable growth in power plant consumption,Terminal procurement demand increases with it。This week,It is expected to have a limited decline in coal prices in ports,The decline is about 2-3 yuan/ton; this weekend、Latest week,The coal market will usher in stopping and stabilizing。

        China's macroeconomic start 12bet sports bettingis stable this year、Growth speed speed,where,Industrial production and manufacturing investment significantly accelerated,The marginal improvement of the export also plays the role of foreign demand,The overall economic operation shows a good situation。Looking at the main coal consumption industry,Consumption of electricity consumption steady growth,January-April,The growth rate of thermal power is 5.5%,increased by 1.5%year -on -year。First,Large -scale equipment updates and consumer goods are changed with old -fashioned policy,Promote the virtuous cycle of economic。Next,Implementation of the new real estate policy,Promoting the real estate market accelerate recovery,12bet online betting websiteand drive the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to benefit,Promote the development of the cement and steel industry,Pulling coal demand。again,"A Policy Debt" and ultra -long -term special government bonds advance,Support economic growth。

        Macroeconomic continues to rise to improve,Climate factors will also pull the demand for seasonal electrical coal,It is expected that the demand for coal will still be supported。From the perspective of climatic factors,mid -late June,The temperature in most areas across the country is higher than the same period of the same year,The characteristics of the peak season of coal gradually appear,Requesting demand for more places will increase,12bet sports bettingPower plant daily consumption will increase with it。North China、Huanghuai、Su Anhui、Hubei、Shaanxi、Inner Mongolia、Xinjiang and other areas have high temperature weather enhancement; of which,Hebei、Henan、Some areas of Shandong can reach 40-42 ℃。,Starting this week,The rainfall time in the east and coastal areas has gradually shortened,The highest temperature rises to 33 degrees Celsius,Under the dual action of high temperature and high humidity,The influence of heat waves will also increase。Current,The upstream and downstream inventory is at a high level,After the power plant actively consumes high inventory,Requirement demand or gradually release。

        Comprehensive 12bet mobile appanalysis,mid -late June,Coal market supply、expectations of growth in need,Coal supply and demand relationship may be balanced overall,Market coal prices are mainly stable。but,Under the condition of frequent safety accidents,Safety supervision will also be strict,Coal existence of structural supply and demand tensions。On the occasion of the peak summer coming,Coal production will rise slightly,Electricity and coal consumption will also increase,Double prosperity of supply and demand may occur、Coal price stop falling stabilization phenomenon。

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