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Civil electricity load pulls coal prices or stops stabilizing
Source: Ordos Coal Network    Author: Wu Wenjing    Time: 2024-06-13 08:45    Browse: 583 times

        After the Dragon Boat Festival,​​gradually expand with the high temperature range,Increased demand for residents to cool down and relieve heat,The daily consumption of the power plant will have recoverable growth。Power plants and the inventory of the port and the port are actively consumed,Terminal procurement demand is expected to improve with,It is expected to be the second half of this week,Early early 12bet sports bettingweek,The coal market will usher in a stop falling recovery market。

        Looking back in the early days,Electric coal demand is not tepid,Power plant procurement is mainly implemented with medium- and long -term contracts。Still hanging down due to shipping,The upstream shipping volume is reduced,And most traders have some expectations for peak summer summer,Unwilling to ship at low prices,The offer remains strong; but the temperature in the south is not high,Civilian electricity needs are not large,Power plant inventory base is high,Demand release overall limited,It does not have a strong role in market driving,Coal prices also lack strong support,The port market maintains a stalemate situation,12bet sports bettingCoal price is stable and weak。and the continuous rainfall weather in the south delayed the "Welcome Summer" stocking process to a certain extent,Terminal Power Plant consumption of the off -peak season conversion turning point has not yet appeared,Inland and coastal areas average daily consumption in a stable situation。With the increase in the inventory of key power plants and coastal power plants,The number of days of coal depository can reach the high level of history at the same time,The enthusiasm of coal in the procurement of power plants is obviously low,Most of the implementation of medium and long -term contract execution as guarantee。Under the guarantee of the annual long -term association,South China 12bet online betting websitepick -up and unloading Hong Kong venues is full of prevails,Port、Tradeer shipments pressure、Increased capital turnover pressure,The pressure on the coal price is greater pressure。early June,Maintain the trend of weak shocks for coal prices,Gradually rise with the temperature,Coal prices are expected to stabilize and stop falling。

        Look at it in the short term,Multi -short factors in the coal market coexist,Before the power plant consumption is completely pulled up,The coal market will continue the current stalemate situation,It is difficult to fluctuate in coal prices,Maybe it may be a few dollars。Supply,The overall inventory of the coal mine of the main origin this week 12bet online betting websiteis low,With the coming of the peak summer,Market supplementary demand is getting up,The market price of the place of production is easy to rise and difficult to fall。To be fulfilled at high temperature、Fast increase in the daily consumption of power plants,Market coal prices will usher in a new round of up;,Coal price rising space is limited。

        In early June, it belongs to the off -peak season conversion stage,but,The North will usher in a large range of high temperature weather process,Hebei、Henan、Extreme high temperatures appear in Shandong and other places,It has the scope of influence、Destiny for a long time、Strong strength and other characteristics。On Wednesday to the end 12bet casinoof the 25th,East China、The weather in South China turns heat,Civil electricity load pulls up,The daily consumption of the power plant will have recoverable growth,Inventory consumption is accelerated; if the quality and quantity of long -term bonds fail to meet the requirements,Some power plants may increase the number of market coal procurement,Increase inquiry bidding strength。With the daily consumption of downstream power plants, it gradually rises,A turn of coal demand,downstream purchase and pull transportation will gradually recover,Coal price stops and stabilizes and rebounds as soon as possible。

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