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Coal prices are dilemma.
Source: Ordos Coal Network    Author: Sun Tingting    Time: 2024-06-12 08:41    Browse: 571 times

        Earlier this month,The daily consumption of coastal power plants is at a low level,Keep a low shock in coal price,Almost filament,"Opportunity appeared",Can't fall "。The main reasons are as follows: First of all,Southern rainstorm,The temperature is lower than the same period of previous years,and the power of water and electricity has maintained an increase; followed by,There is still pressure 12bet online betting websitein the operation of the macroeconomic operation,Insufficient demand and the problem of delay of real estate are more obvious,To a certain extent, the improvement of industrial electricity consumption; again,Pneumatic inventory in the power plant、Imported coal and Jiangoin supply have the advantage of price than Beigang Coal,Terminals choose to wait and see,Slowing market coal procurement。But supported by factors such as high -cost superimposed markets such as market activity,The offer of the port is maintained。

        This summer is late for high temperature weather,The temperature in many places in the south is lower than the same period of the year,Civil electricity load 12bet online betting websiteaverage。and limited increase in industrial electricity consumption、Full rainwater before the flood、Dragon Boat Rain comes early、Increased hydropower power and strong high -voltage clean power in the Southwest region,Caused the consumption of coastal power plants slowly,Eight coastal power plants consume a long time at a low level of below 1.8 million tons,and the inventory of the power plant is high,Almost no replenishment demand。The most terrible is,Imported coal is more futures、Tension of ports and berth in South China,Difficulties in unloading,Partially waiting for the stagnation period to the heavy ship to Hong Kong,It has adverse effects on the market。12bet mobile appThe above reasons,Low downstream purchase willingness is low,Transportation demand in the coastal market continues to shrink,Excessive capacity supply increases,Power plant pick -up price is constantly downgrading。

        In the early days,Calling in coal in the port of the Bohai Rim Port、The amount of transfer is slightly reduced from the previous month,Port inventory trend is relatively stable。Adjustment,After entering June,There are multiple coal mine accidents,Overlay safety production month、Environmental protection inspection and other factors restrictions,Strict security inspection of production areas; at the same time,Traveling 12bet casinois still upside down,Traders' delivery to Hong Kong is not enthusiastic,Leading the supply of ports in ports,and the coal vehicle in Hong Kong is mainly long -term coal。Forwarding,Terminal Power Plant and South China Unloading Port Inventory are at a high level,and low electric load,Northern La La Yun Demand is not strong,A decrease in the transfer volume of port ports in the Bohai Rim。Port coal prices continue to stabilize,Terminal Watching and Seeing Emotional Emotions; superimposed imported coal to Hong Kong,Southern Port Unloading pressure is more pressured,The phenomenon of the shipping port of the ship,The enthusiasm of the user to buy the north to purchase is very 12bet sports bettingpoor,The number of ships at the port of the port of the Bohai Rim drops to a historical low,Among them, the anchor ship of Qingang dropped to 13 ships。

        Starting this week,With the hot weather in the south,Civil electricity load pulls up,Consumption of electricity for electricity,Some power plants may increase the number of market coal procurement。It is expected to be the second half of this week,Coal prices will stop falling and stabilize,The market gradually comes out of the trough。

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