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Can coal prices usher in the rise this week?
Source: Ordos Coal Network    Author: Wu Jinglin    Time: 2024-06-11 08:32    Browse: 534 times

        Before Festival,Power plant consumption is low,This leads to the passive accumulation of terminal inventory。In this case,Many traders choose to use the long -term agreement,and the purchase willingness to purchase in stock is relatively low。Even if the demand is better,Most users are prioritizing Jiango and imported coal,Secondly, the tentacles will be turned to the Bohai Rim port。

        Although the market continues to 12bet online bettingslump last week and last week,Coal price fell slightly。But most traders are still expected for the peak season,Except for a little trader to speed up shipments,In addition to the profit,Most traders are still covering the goods for sale,The high cost in their hands is mainly high cost,Low price shipments are low。Although the upstream and downstream ports and terminal inventory are at a high level,Procurement demand is mainly a small amount of non -electrical demand;,Limited coal increase in the port market,Low sulfur high -quality coal types are still scarce。This week,High temperature appears,Daily consumption increase,Consumption of electric coal,Procurement will also come with it。12bet sports bettingCurrent,The market is mainly stable,Individual coal quotes have risen slightly,Most of the market participants are waiting for the coming of the peak season demand。According to Manager Zhang of the shipping householder,Maintaining the norm for coal shipping,The cost of transportation is obviously upside down,Except for back -to -back sales,Most of the spot does not plan to come out for the time being,Waiting for the peak season, let's talk about。

        This week,The coal market will be significantly better,Coal price support increases。First,Enter June,Although a new monthly production plan is implemented in the coal mine,The supply of coal of production is expected to improve;12bet online betting,Overlay safety production month、Environmental protection inspection and other factors restrictions,Limited output increase。Especially the origin of the origin of the production area is affected by imported coal interference,Market market is significantly better than port,Support for coal prices of ports。Next,Although speculative demand has cooled,But in June, it is still in the preferential period of railway freight,Some sellers are also collectively integrated Hong Kong。and end users still need to exist,Laboratory is methodical,Especially at the peak period of the peak season,The risk of overflowing from Changxie Coal is very small。Although there is a lot of coal 12bet casinodeposit in power plants,But once the destination is accelerated,It will be appropriately purchased for high -calorie coal for picking up card,Market demand still has support。again,Coal transportation is obvious,Daqin Line、Zhangtang Line and other sewer coal passages continue to run low,Qinhuangdao Port Coal Storage has always been at a low level of about 5 million tons。Use coal off season,The price of coal cannot fall,The arrival of the peak season,Market performance will not be too bad。Comprehensive analysis,In the later period of port spot resources, there is not much pressure on the supply of spot resources for ports,Once the needs are pulled up,Market turning is a high 12bet online betting websiteprobability thing,Coal prices will stabilize first。

        Take a comprehensive,Last week and last week,Multi -short interwoven in the power coal market,But there is no obvious contradiction for supply and demand,The inventory of the port of the Bohai Rim is at the median level。This week,Temporarily bid farewell to rainy weather in the coastal area,Overlay temperature picking,Coal demand is obviously good,Coal prices will enter a slightly rising stage; but downstream high inventory、The continuous influx of imported coal system,It is expected that the price of coal prices is limited。

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