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Changzhou Scientific Research Testing Center Co., Ltd. was formerly established in In 1978, Changzhou Scientific Research and Trial Mission Center,2002 Annual restructuring and developing into a 12bet casinocollection of science and technology、Modern technology -based enterprises that are integrated in industry, university and research,It is the only domestic research unit specializing in coal mine auxiliary transportation equipment。 

The company is the new standard "Jiangsu High -tech Enterprise" and "Jiangsu Innovative Enterprise"。At present, the company has 13 invention 12bet sports bettingpatents and more than 30 practical new patents,And more than a dozen product series were named Jiangsu High -tech products and national key new products;、"Jiangsu Provincial Postdoctoral Scientific Research Station" and "Mechanical Industry Underground Mine Transport Machinery Engineering Lab"。The company is the development unit of China's first mining single 12bet online betting websitehydraulic pillar,It is the invention unit of the continuous tractor of the Wuji Rope,The first founding unit of explosion -proof and track -free rubber wheels。The company enjoys a high popularity in the national coal industry,It is the auxiliary transportation equipment branch of coal industry coal mines for the standardization technical committee and the China Coal Mine Commission of 12bet sports bettingCoal Mine Transportation for Coal Mine for Coal Mine,The standardized work and academic exchange work in the technology field of assisted transportation equipment in the coal mine auxiliary transportation equipment。

In 2013, the "Changzhou Scientific Research Testing Center Co., Ltd." was established as the parent company.,Group settings: "Changzhou Hanma Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd."、"Changzhou 12bet casinoHanma Vehicle Technology Service Co., Ltd." and "Jiangxi Branch Drive Bridge Co., Ltd.",Another Inner Mongolia Branch and Ningxia Branch were established in Shenmu County, Shaanxi Province and Ningdong Town, Ningxia Province。Changzhou Science Test Group will be as always,"Provide modern solutions for Chinese coal mines auxiliary transportation,Becoming the leader of 12bet online bettingChinese coal mine assisted transportation "as a mission,Make outstanding contributions to the modernization of China's coal industry!